Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Heart Thursday #120

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Bleeding hearts are some of my favorite flowers ...
So when I saw these beauties linked up to Tina's PicStory's "Weekend Flowers", I just had to share them!

These sweet flowers were posted by "ASKAWO-Design" - a wonderful blog worth checking out!

Thank you, ASKAWO-Design, for sharing your heart!

I have never been able to capture lightning with my camera, but Wayne did exactly that! What he didn't realize was ... he also captured a giant heart cloud!!!

Check out Wayne's incredible photography over at "Wayne Woodruff Photography"!

Thank you, Wayne, for sharing your heart!

I love the nature that Judy finds every day, and posts to her blog "Lilac Gate".
The other day, she posted a series of wild grape vine tendrils that were curling around everything in sight - even this piece of grass.

Do you see the darling heart created by this tendril?

Thank you, Judy, for sharing your heart!

I found this gorgeous mural posted by "Volladoid DP" while I was blog-surfing the other day ... linked up to Oakland DP's meme - "Monday Mural"

I love this art!

Thank you, Volladoid DP, for sharing your heart!
Thank you, Oakland DP, for hosting this meme - I hope to join you soon!

Roan found this beautiful rocking chair while touring Thomas Lincoln's cabin.
Where is the heart you ask?

If you look carefully ... in the fireplace ... the andiron is definitely a heart!!!

Check out "Rubbish by Roan" for more truly random and wonderful posts!

Thank you, Roan, for sharing your heart!

As always - a huge thank you to all who linked up with Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing the delightful and amazing hearts you found in your world!
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Tammie Lee said...

so many wonderful hearts, yours included!

Laura said...

so many beautiful hearts Clytie!

Beth Niquette said...

Ah, what lovely hearts, my sweet Sissy--mine are up a little late, as on Thursday...heh heh heh--I was with YOU! ((hugs))