Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fossilized Clam Shells

Everywhere I go, I find myself searching the ground for beautiful, interesting, and funny shaped rocks (and other things that catch my eye!). One of my favorite "rock hunting" areas is the Oregon coast. I have been known to wander around for hours, and head home with pockets and buckets full (don't have either? I take off one of my socks and fill it too!) of rocks, driftwood and other treasures. These I put into my little "rock garden" at home, which is -- and always will be -- a work in progress. I was walking by my rock garden this morning when I "found" this awesome heart. I probably picked up this rock at the beach, never even noticing this perfect clam shell heart!

1 comment:

Beth Niquette said...

WOW. That is just amazing. (grin) Not to mention the fact that the photographer does fabulous work.