Friday, November 20, 2009


It is slightly out of focus, I know.
But I couldn't resist sharing ...
How even the "dirtiest" heart
Has great beauty!!!


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Sissy--this photo fills my heart and my eyes--how beautiful!

Just goes to show we weren't wrong when we were kids, eh? Mud is BEAUTIFUL!

Grannie Annie said...

This is a beautiful heart it has great depth and hey muddy hearts need love too...I know cause mines been dragged through the mud a time or two.
I'm glad you liked my banners they are both suppose to be funny. I find it ironic that we have all these cute little turkeys around to represent Thanksgiving while Jenny O and Foster Farms are busy lopping their little heads off for our dining pleasure. :O/
Now pass me a drumstick...LOL

kavita said...

Another beautiful heart found in an unusual place....

Tammie Lee said...

Not sure if this is a deer track, but now all deer tracks will look like hearts to me.... and I have deer tracks everywhere!

Terry said...

oh wow !
This is an amazing work of art .
It reaches inside and fills you with warmth.
I love the texture and simpicity.
Thank you so much for sharing.
You always seem to find inspiration every where .
I truly appreciate your sharing.
Blessings to you !

Nina P. said...

Oh I love mud puddles to jump in and this looks like a deer did just that. I remember walking through the field with my niece on my shoulders and we came to a swampy area. I grabbed one of the other nieces by the hand and we proceeded to walk through the mud. I took a couple of steps and slurp... my foot was stuck and out came my foot from my boot.. I couldn't balance very well with my niece on my shoulder so I stepped stoking footed right into the mud. Well it was warm enough I took off both boots carried them and continued to walk through the mud.. They laughed and laughed at Aunt Nina with her dirty feet... I don't think I left hearts behind though... Great Photo! Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P