Friday, February 26, 2010

Pine Bark Heart

This little bit of bark was on the ground under the old pine tree.
And instantly became one of my most favorite hearts!


slommler said...

'Tis a beautiful heart!!

Grannie Annie said...

Hey Sister Babes I'm back!!! I missed you so much. I'm glad your up there having a good time together...even if I am down here all alone (sniff, sniff)by myself (snif) with nobody to talk to...feel sorry for me yet?...LOL It's like I tell my grandkids "That's okay I'll go kiss a pig."
I missed you both a bunch and love you a ton. Blogging on tomorrow.

Terry said...

Howdy Sweetheart
Wow this is a truly wonderful find.
I have been so busy with family,work etc..
But I do miss you and your fabulous heart finds !
I think we need bumper stickers that say
I heart Clytie :)
You really are a treasure my friend.
Blessings of love and joy to you and yours .
Big hugs
Happy Trails

~Cheryl said...

What a beautiful Nature heart! Thank you for showing me all the hearts in my ice -- so very neat!

Patty said...

You can find some of the most unusual hearts.

Beth Niquette said...

I think this may be one of my all-time favorites, Sissy. My goodness--and it totally fills my eyes...exquisite.