Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Heart Thursday #119

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I'm not sure why Kate over at "Jupiter Star Power" amazes me so much  ... maybe it's her creativity (she MADE this adorable card set!) ... maybe it's her gorgeous needlework (awesome crochet!) ... maybe it's her generosity (she often crochets for charity!) ... Maybe it's because I have a certain fondness for Sailor Moon ...

Whatever "it" is, Kate, you have IT!

Thank you, Kate, for sharing your heart!

There's just something about hearts drawn in sand that makes me happy.

Irene made me super happy last week - when she posted this wonderful heart drawn in a sand wall - I've never seen a sand heart like this before!!!

If you don't know Irene, you should check out her blog, "Irene Photography".
Irene is an incredible photographer. With a beautiful heart and soul.

Thank you, Irene, for sharing your heart!

I found Snap's blog, "Tales From Twisty Lane" when she linked up with "Postcard Friendship Friday" - and was immediately smitten with her view of life.
And her creativity ... and most especially her sense of humor!!!

Thank you, Snap, for sharing your heart
Thank you, Beth, for hosting PFF!

I couldn't help but notice the hearts Annchen linked to "Weekend Flowers" on her blog, "Annchen live aus meiner kleinen Welt". Bleeding hearts are some of my favorite flowers!

I soon discovered that Annchen is a wonderful photographer ... who loves cats.
Need I say more? She's AWESOME!

Thank you, Annchen, for sharing your heart!
Thank you, Tina, for hosting "Weekend Flowers"! 

The incredible beauty of this simple white flower with heart-shaped petals took my breath away ... and it's all Fly's fault!

Fly's blog, "And There Was Light" is a treasury of amazing photography ... and not just nature. Somehow Fly manages to capture emotions that deeply touch my heart and soul.

Thank you, Fly, for sharing your heart.

As always - a huge thank you to all who linked up with Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing the delightful and amazing hearts you found in your world!
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MarieElizabeth said...

All of these are wonderful, but I have a special place for the flower hearts. Like little bonus gifts!

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful hearts! i love most irenes heart :) thanks for hosting and making little bit advertisment for weekend flowers :) ♥

Leovi said...

Beautiful these flowers are my favorite today.

Dani said...

Dearest Clytie,
Im so sorry i havent been blogging the past few months. I cant access blogspot here in China. and when i do, i cant post a photo. So i just gave up. For the time being.
I can try today again. Ive been missing you and all these extraordinary hearts. They made me so happy.
Hugs, hugs, hugs


Tina´s PicStory said...

the heart is the way made from stones. one i showed last week. but htere was one more :). i just colored it same like the poppies :)