Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guest Heart Thursday #152

Welcome to Guest Heart Thursday -
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(My computer is still limping along ... it is amusing me with hard drive sound effects that are a cross between a sick donkey and my coffee maker ... but has only frozen up twice this morning so far! So I will make this post short and VERY sweet!!!)

Once again "Texwisgirl" sent me a link to a most amazing heart!

This one was posted by Laura on her blog "Pretty Pix".

I can't wait to be able to visit and spend more time here!

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your heart!
Thank you, once again, Texwisgirl, for sharing the link!

I love seeing artwork being created - so when Rachel posted this Work in Progress on her blog, "Memories of Mine to Thine" ... I couldn't resist sharing it!
And I will (computer willing, of course) be checking back to see the completed piece!

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your heart!

Pamela's blog, "Dum Spiro Spero" was one of the first blogs I ever followed.
I fell in love with her amazing writing talent (the first post I read made me cry) ... then with her amazing and unquenchable spirit.

Pamela hasn't posted on her blog for a while, but she did send me some hearts she found during her travels ... (I actually see several hearts here - do you?)

Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your heart!

As always - a huge thank you to all who linked up with Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing the delightful and amazing hearts you found in your world!!!
Would you like to share your heart on Guest Heart Thursday?
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There are none!!!
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TexWisGirl said...

you're very welcome. sorry about the continued computer issues!

TexWisGirl said...

i hope she doesn't mind, but i linked jill's post from yesterday...

Laura said...

beautiful hearts, wow!

Leovi said...

Beautiful, I love those pretty pictures of hearts, are gorgeous.

tapirgal said...

I didn't realize you had a Linky. I will search for hearts!

tapirgal said...

GOOD LUCK on your computer woes. "How are your finances?" does not sound good!

Jill said...

Hi! Tex linked my heart here so I had to coe and visit. I'm your newest your blog.

Beth Niquette said...

What beautiful pictures. I'm working on an Etsy piece which will sell in order to get the hard drive you need. I love you, Sissy. ((hugs))