Monday, November 11, 2013

A Heart for Veterans

For all who have served ...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wrote the following words as I noticed that this year, for the first time, there is a huge swelling of national pride and honor for our veterans, active duty soldiers, active duty spouses and family members ... finally.
But I couldn't help noticing someone missing from those being honored today ... whose sacrifices seem to be forgotten ...
The veteran spouse.

 Our Forgotten Heroes ...
For those who stand by our veteran heroes, through peacetime and battle.
Whose sacrifices are forgotten.

They hold their families together, through tragedy and triumph.
Yet their sacrifices are forgotten.
They pay the bills, work full-time jobs, keep their households together, through separations long and short.
And their sacrifices are forgotten.
They pace the floor on long lonely nights. They find ways to send messages of love along with the care packages. They cry. They grieve. They wait. 
Their faithfulness is so often forgotten.
They comfort their children, keeping fresh the love for the often-missing parent, and rejoice with them upon their return.
And their sacrifices are forgotten.
They pick up their homes and move every few years. They give up their jobs and careers at the same time.
All sacrifices which are forgotten.
They proudly welcome home their hero soldiers,
And don't mind that their sacrifices are forgotten.
Sometimes they learn that the ultimate price has been paid, and they must pick up the pieces and move on.
This ultimate sacrifice is often forgotten as well ...
They stand silently and proudly in the background, watching the parades.
While their own sacrifices are forgotten.
They bravely face the unknown soldier spouse who comes home wounded and changed; and become nurses and caregivers.
This is an honor, not a sacrifice. But it is still forgotten.
As they grow old, long after physical battles are won or lost, they tend to the emotional wounds and memories of their soldiers ... the flashbacks and PTSD.
Still these sacrifices are forgotten.
They feel a lingering pain that they have been forgotten, without recognition, for so long.
But they know their sacrifices are worth the price ...
forgotten or not.

When you thank a Veteran today, and every time you meet one of these heroes ... please take a moment to thank that person standing by their side ... holding their hand ... pushing their wheelchair. Because you don't want to miss the chance to honor and acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who are forgotten.



Debbie said...

So sweet Clytie, a beautiful, heartfelt entry!!

Patty said...

That is so true, but usually the wife is forgotten, but thank goodness we didn't have to go to war, we only had to sit at home and wait and worry. I watched my Mother do it,and others. Abe was very fortunate he signed up and was on a ship heading for the war zone area, (Korean War) and it had to turn around, the war was over. So he never really got to see any battle.

Beth Niquette said...

I agree...I want to thank YOU, sweet Sis for all YOU, as the wife of a soldier did to keep family and home together for so many years. You are amazing and I admire you more than you know.

I am proud to be your sister. You are incredible. ((hugs))