Thursday, May 21, 2009

For My Friends ...

There are times in life
When my camera is silent
Colors drained from the day
Words empty.

It is during these times
That YOUR friendship becomes
The highlight of my day!

Thank you all
Friends old and new
- Most never met in person -
From the bottom of my heart!

(Please click to enlarge this photo -
My heart for you)


Grannie Annie said...

Right back at ya girlfriend. There have been many days when you brought the sunshine along with your hearts.

"Thee lift me and I'll lift Thee and we will rise together."

Love ya, Deann

Beth Niquette said...

Dearest Sissyboo--you know you have been that for me, too. In fact, the days I don't hear from you are a little less lovely. I am so glad you are my sister. I treasure you.


You not only have a gift of photography, but your words...your way with words is so deeply touching.

Nina P. said...

I'm new to the blog world but am falling in love with it. All the wonderful talented people like yourself are here sharing pieces of their heart and soul. Your photo's are amazing and bring a sence of unconditional love to the world. I'm in awe of how you see hearts everywhere you go... but you want to know a secret... you've got me looking for them too. :-) and I find them more than I ever thought I would. Your site is one I find myself coming back to often just to see what wonders you've found and what glorious words you've written. Thank you!