Friday, May 29, 2009


The old birch tree had to go. During the last windstorm it leaned closer and closer to the house, surely to go completely over next time. After a brief ceremony (which consisted of tying a rope to the tree, the other end to the car, my brother starting a chainsaw -- GO!), the tree came down. Safely. And missed the house. After it was cut up, we found the reason for its demise -- a rotten spot, in the shape of a heart. I tried to show my mom, but her response was "I'll read about it in your blog!!!" Does she know me or what?


Grannie Annie said...

Great picture sorry about your tree it's always sad to lose an old friend. But it makes me wonder how many of us have a rotten spot in the shape of a heart in side us too. I guess we'll all find out after were cut down. LOL
P.S. I'm pretty sure You and Beth are safe.

Beth Niquette said...

WOW! Which tree was that? I'm so glad it didn't hit the house! Wow...that's just amazing.

It is so beautiful I hesitate to call it a, er, rotten heart?!

(grin) Gorgeous! Just fills my eyes, Sissy.