Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mirrors of the Soul

Random patterns in chaos
Vivid beauty in ugliness
When I see a truly remarkable heart
I think of you -
All of you.
My friends.
Without your encouragement,
My hearts would stay hidden
In my camera.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Sissy--this glass heart photo just fills my eyes. How remarkable. I'm so glad you do not hide your heart pictures away in your camera. ((hugs))

How dry the world would be without you and your hearts. You are truly the Queen of Hearts--and I am HONORED to be your Sissy.

Grannie Annie said...

When I see a heart, any heart I think of you. I think of your eye for beauty and your talent for expressing yourself in verse from your heart to mine. In a world filled with people too busy and self centered to care. You make me so grateful I have a friend like you, who looks for small pieces of joy everyday and takes the time to share them with the rest of us...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

kavita said...

If you look for one you will find one taught me this today.Thanks.

Lois said...

I saw a cloud heart on Saturday and thought of you! I didn't have my camera though :(

Suzy Crancer said...

Your blog is an amazingly beautiful example of how we can all find what we're looking for if we just open our eyes! Keep up the beautiful work!

Nina P. said...

"Random patterns in chaos
Vivid beauty in ugliness"
You, my friend, have shown us to look beyond the obvious, look to what beauty lies around us. Even in the most unlikely places. Thank you for your precious heart. Love and Light, Nina P