Monday, December 28, 2009

"Dirty" Potato Chip ...

I guess they are called "Dirty" potato chips because they keep the peel on, and sprinkle them with cracked pepper.

They are marked as "No MSG; No Artificial Colors/Flavors; no hydrogenated oil; No Trans Fats", and so on.

If you read the label, however, as I am now learning to do, I find 8 grams total fat (12% daily allowance); 1.5 grams Saturated fat (8% DA) and 210 mg sodium (8% DA) per 1 ounce serving.


In other words, these chips are still NOT exactly "Heart Healthy"!!!

STROKE UPDATE: I had my second follow-up appointment yesterday. My blood pressure is still a little high, so my doctor put me on a different medication - and quipped "Well we have to get this blood pressure down - you cant be hogging ALL the miracles you know"!


Beth Niquette said...

Hahahaha....isn't it fun to discover what they hide in the labels? If one is a'going to eat such a chip, it has to be tasty!

What a gorgeous chip heart! (grin)

Lois said...

Definitely not, but I'll bet they taste delicious!


THE stuff we like to eat is usually loaded with nasty calories and such , the things that are good for us we seem to dislike. Makes it hard to be truly healthy. Did you get my email address from the other comment I left ???

Grannie Annie said...

Yep...It's one of lifes nasty little rules...if it tastes yummy and and it's on your crave of the day list it ain't good for you. I mean when was the last time you just had to have some broccoli or liver.
So no more looking for hearts in bags of chips babe. Love ya

Anonymous said...

So it is a heart shaped potatoe chip?
lol.. omg. you are so funny.
What do "they" Consider high blood pressure?
I just had my done 2 wks. while in a rush get to the dr in time. Mine was 124/82.. she said.. that was too high? Is it?
I read all kinds of things.. but you would know for sure? right.. Hey you ought to name that Potatoe chip PRINGLE!
Hugs, Darlene xo