Monday, December 28, 2009

"Dirty" Potato Chip ...

I guess they are called "Dirty" potato chips because they keep the peel on, and sprinkle them with cracked pepper.

They are marked as "No MSG; No Artificial Colors/Flavors; no hydrogenated oil; No Trans Fats", and so on.

If you read the label, however, as I am now learning to do, I find 8 grams total fat (12% daily allowance); 1.5 grams Saturated fat (8% DA) and 210 mg sodium (8% DA) per 1 ounce serving.


In other words, these chips are still NOT exactly "Heart Healthy"!!!

STROKE UPDATE: I had my second follow-up appointment yesterday. My blood pressure is still a little high, so my doctor put me on a different medication - and quipped "Well we have to get this blood pressure down - you cant be hogging ALL the miracles you know"!


Beth Niquette said...

Hahahaha....isn't it fun to discover what they hide in the labels? If one is a'going to eat such a chip, it has to be tasty!

What a gorgeous chip heart! (grin)

Lois said...

Definitely not, but I'll bet they taste delicious!


THE stuff we like to eat is usually loaded with nasty calories and such , the things that are good for us we seem to dislike. Makes it hard to be truly healthy. Did you get my email address from the other comment I left ???

Grannie Annie said...

Yep...It's one of lifes nasty little rules...if it tastes yummy and and it's on your crave of the day list it ain't good for you. I mean when was the last time you just had to have some broccoli or liver.
So no more looking for hearts in bags of chips babe. Love ya

A Dancing Mango said...

So it is a heart shaped potatoe chip?
lol.. omg. you are so funny.
What do "they" Consider high blood pressure?
I just had my done 2 wks. while in a rush get to the dr in time. Mine was 124/82.. she said.. that was too high? Is it?
I read all kinds of things.. but you would know for sure? right.. Hey you ought to name that Potatoe chip PRINGLE!
Hugs, Darlene xo