Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heart and Sole

They came along ... the big machines ... clearing out years worth of accumulated stuff out of the ditches up and down our country road.

What they pulled up was amazing.

Including the remnants of an old shoe ...
Long past its usefulness ... except for the heart.


Patty said...

Good afternoon, you do have the eye for catching things that look like hearts. Thanks for your visits. Have a great rest of the week-end.

Beth Niquette said...

Oh...I'm just speechless. This rugged old heart touches me.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell Patty.. that you ARE.."THE KEEPER of the HEARTS"?.. I sort of doubt you did.
Have you told her you are a very special person filled with LOVE.. which enables you to find hearts where most people can't connect to?..
Thank you for your very very special comment on my blog about my doll.
My head is getting big and starting to shape it's self after a heart!
Have a great one.. hugs, DArlene

slommler said...

Love the heart! So textural!!

jeannette said...

You amaze me, Clytie, to keep finding all these hearts everywhere!