Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Heart Thursday #7

My sister Beth, of Beth's Artworx, found this gorgeous rust spot last year.

A perfect rusty heart!

Two of my favorite people in Blogland are Abe and Patty Lincoln.
Abe's bird blog is amazing - their garden is filled with wildlife, which seem to be drawn to Abe and Patty. Abe is truly a genius with a camera.

Abe hasn't been well lately, and he wanted to get a picture of this poppy that was blooming in his yard. His wonderful wife Patty went out and took the picture for him. Patty brightens my days with her delightful and funny-as-all-get-out blog "Old Lady Lincoln".

They didn't know it at the time, but the center of the poppy is a beautiful heart!

And Gina, over at Antique Art Garden loves the heart she has in her garden.
Especially when she captures this beauty in the snow.

But Gina's most recent find was a bunch of strawberry hearts she found while cutting up these beauties for breakfast!

Great capture, Gina!

And finally, there's Sunny of Barnyards and Barnacles. She actually found a heart in one of my photos - that I missed!

So I returned the favor, and found this beautiful cloud heart in her Weekend Reflections post last week!

Thank you, Sunny!

Have you found a random heart? If so, I want to see it, and feature it in my next "Guest Heart Thursday"!

All you have to do is send me an e-mail (info in my sidebar) and either attach your heart or send me a link to where it is.

Or just leave a comment here, and I will find you!!!


Claus said...

great findings!!
they all are beautiful pictures.

Sunny said...

Thank you again, Clytie, for pointing the heart cloud out to me.
This is a lovely collection of hearts, Gina's strawberries are amazing!
☼ Sunny

Beth Niquette said...

I had forgotten about that rusty heart I found--I totally enjoyed this blog entry, Sissy--all of these photos just fill my eyes...What a wonderful collection of hearts--it is SO cool to see hearts popping up all over the world.

Tammie Lee said...

each heart is so wonderful
i love how you teach us to see in a new way~

sheri... said...

these are all so lovely, the berries looking especially delicious, too!
i'm still on the lookout but haven't found anything as lovely as what you have offered...imagine, a heart inside a poppy that was merely meant to brighten abe's day! that made it twice as nice!

Halcyon said...

Such beautiful hearts!! I also like Abe and Patty. They provide so much inspiration. :)

I have a heart coming out this Sunday on my Jackson Daily Photo blog. Feel free to use it next Thursday.