Friday, December 3, 2010

Heart Reflections

The abandoned church across the street is "abandoned" no longer. It has been purchased by a demolitions and dismantling company whose workers are hard at work reducing the main building to bare walls.

After the carpet was removed and most of the garbage scraped away, the water from the leaking roof started forming large pools throughout the building.

One of these pools of water had a dry spot in the center ... in the shape of a heart!

To see reflections from around the world, visit James at Newtown Area Photo, and join us for Weekend Reflections.


Boki said...

this one is absolutely amazing!! !! i love it

Dianne said...

that's wonderful

'Tsuki said...

Such a lovely and cold one...

Anonymous said...

A perfect heart!

Sounds like this source of photographic subjects is undergoing a transformation, which means new and different opportunities.

James said...

Very cool!

Terry said...

Howdy Clytie
Thank you so much for your prayers ,love nad support ! Kay does not realize yet that the road ahead is going to be a long one .I usually don't broadcast family needs but there are times we must all do what we can to help one another.
Love the post !!!! It is so amazing how hearts are everywhere and I am looking forward to the new ones waiting to be discovered by you as this demo project unfolds .
Here is my e-mail address
please please contact me !
Thank you sweet Clytie for the blessing that you are to me and so many others.
Until next time
Big hugs coming your way
Happy Trails

~Cheryl said...

No way! This is beyond perfect! I just love it to pieces.

Thank you for finding the positive in my angel! I always love your comments.

Sunny said...

Hi Clytie,
What an amazing heart! Totally awesome :)
☼ Sunny

~JANN ~ said...

Just for you sweet Clytie. God shows his love in hearts. Love you my dear friend.

Dani said...

Lovely! Beautiful!

Just for you!

Hugs, dear friend.

Halcyon said...

It's beautiful. I hope they turn this church into something worthy!

LauraX said...

incredible...oh Clytie you and Beth are really going to miss this shattered sacred space.

Beth Niquette said...

How poignant. This is a beautiful, poignant photo.

I hope they are thinking of making use of this uniquely magnificent structure. It would be heart breaking if they tore it all down.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

This was so very well spotted! There is beauty in a demolished place also, only if you have that vision.

And thank you so much for your nice words with regard to my Contest Winner and Felicitation of Bhavesh Chhatbar at Olympus India's Nariman Point Office posts. I'm delighted!

Beth Niquette said...

I think it will be fun to compare the abandoned years to what they will do. I'm so excited to see someone taking care of the place. I just hope they don't decide to tear it all down.

That would be a shame.

I LOVE this heart--it is so perfect, I had to come back and take another look.