Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tree heart, upside down

This is one of the first tree hearts I ever found ... I posted it once a long time ago, but turned it over so it was right-side-up.

This is how I found it, though ... over at the abandoned church across the street.
It's still there, next to the driveway, waiting for someone else to discover the upside-down heart.


texwisgirl said...

the abandoned church is just chock-full of stuff for you to find there.


Interesting heart. I agree with what Texwigirl said :)

wanted to invite you over to my new blog.

teri said...

I love how one of the first hearts you ever found was looking up at heaven. I just found some of my first hearts- they are pre-digital so I will need to scan them before I can share them. Stay well- xo teri

Jennifer said...

Very cool heart.

Beth Niquette said...

Hahaha--last time I was over there, was when I noticed this one! LOL Or was it that you pointed it out??? ((hugs))