Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dead Wood Heart

I found this dead wood heart on the driveway of the once-abandoned church across the street. Since the new owners got in trouble with the City for using heavy equipment in clearing out the woods (which they weren't supposed to do anyway!) ... they had to use hand tools. For a week, the sound of chain saws was overpowering.

Then, wonderful silence.
After that, the REST of the story!
Seems they were already mad about the City's involvement (ahem!) ...
Then, because they had to use hand tools, and didn't really know much about plants at all, the workers all came down with a rousing case of poison oak! Snicker.

So all work is abandoned until at least the end of the year!!!
Official story is they "got another project that had to come first".

Yee haw!!!

Now THAT'S worth a dead wood heart!!!


Marilyn said...

Sounds like these people are just short stacks! But you did get a cute heart!♥♫

Debbie said...

love the heart and the shadow of the heart. 2 hearts in one!!!

Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

I cant believe your ability to discover all those beautiful hearts.
I love every single one f them.

Lois said...

Serves them right! This is a beautiful heart even if it is a little "broken".

forgetmenot said...

Love it!! Where do you find them all!!! Mickie ;)

Beth Niquette said...

That's amazing, Sissy.

(GUFFAW) The forest does have her ways of fending off intruders!

I shall have to draw a poison Oak faery. (grin)


Beautiful heart, by the way--fills my eyes...