Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Flower Heart for Nina P

Sometimes someone posts something that touches my heart and makes me cry.
Today that someone is Nina P.
Her beautiful poetry always reaches out to my soul ...
But her post from several days ago reached in, and caught me deep down ... in that part of me that sometimes hurts to be brought into the light and revealed.
Nina P.'s words flowed through my heart, cutting and healing at the same time.

I challenge each person to read this post and be touched.
It may just change your life ...
It will certainly touch YOUR heart!

This flowery heart is for you, Nina P. Thank you.


Karen said...

Hi Clytie,

Yep, you can put Merfy's photo on for Guest Heart Thursday!I didn't notice the heart! You have such a sharp eye. He will be so excited.


Debbie said...

it's so soft and beautiful, like your words. the light is perfect!! (wink)