Sunday, January 22, 2012

Acorn, Squashed

I was walking quickly, not really watching where I was stepping ... when I felt a "crunch" under my foot.

I stopped and looked down.

And saw this acorn heart!

It's not the time of year for acorns, nor was there an oak tree nearby (those leaves are maple leaves - I think). I can only assume that a hungry critter (I've seen bluejays hiding nuts ... and squirrels too) grabbed this out of a stash nearby, and dropped it by accident.

I left the squashed acorn heart where it was - hopefully the critter will be back for a "hearty" meal!


MarieElizabeth said...

Only you could find that heart this time of year. :)

teri said...

Great crunching acorn hearts! Hearts are everywhere... I hope to post some of ours SOON!! Just wanted to let you know I found a real heart friend on this blog - I hope the link works for you... ANYWAY it does have an English translator button on the right side- SHE has so many hearts!!! xoxxo hugs and hope all is well

Beth Niquette said...

Even when you step on something and crunch it--there's a HEART!

Wow! Totally impressive and amazingly eye-filling!