Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Heart for Teri

Today's date - Tuesday, June 26 - has been stuck in my mind.
Why, I wondered.

Then I remembered.
Today is the day Teri goes in for surgery!
She's been in pain for a long time - and today is the day to get it fixed.
If you haven't met Teri, she is a wonderful photographer, artist and friend.
She and her sister share hearts, and warm MY heart.

So I give this heart to you, Teri, along with my thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery - and a quick recovery.


Anonymous said...

We all know what a kind sweet-heart you are, Clytie.
Thanks for sharing the artistic heart, I will stop by Teri's blog.

Laura said...

holding Teri in prayer as she recovers.

Beth Niquette said...

Praying for Teri, too. I pray for her complete healing and freedom from pain. This is an amazing heart, Sissyboo--and you have such a kind and generous heart yourself. ((hugs))