Monday, June 25, 2012

Hit by Heart!

The sidewalk is torn up right now; the old one was narrow and cracked ... making it nearly impossible for Dad to go anywhere now that he has his new walker.
With help from the Church, up came the old sidewalk, and the forms were prepared for a new one.
That was Saturday - today is the day the cement truck is coming to pour the new walk.

Anyway, I was just standing there under the oak tree, listening to the morning bird symphony when suddenly ...

"WHACK"! Something hit me on the head.
I looked down - it was a "bug house" - with a heart!
Then - whack! thunk! whack!
Little bits of oak tree were landing all around (and on) me!


I looked up - waaaaaaay up into the oak tree.
Who was hitting me with heart???

It was a squirrel ... looking for a treat.
And GIVING one instead!


Debbie said...

so happy for your dad, it is so important for everyone to have some level of freedom! those walkers can be tricky, believe me, i know!!

the squirrel story is a little, funny and a little scarey. he looks like a big one!!

Beth Niquette said...

Hahaha...That's so funny--I guess that squirrel wanted you to find the heart he'd found--so he bonked you in the bean with it!!! LOL