Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Heart Thursday #148

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You don't have to look hard to find the heart Cheryl saw in this shot.

But then Cheryl is someone who sees hearts even I don't notice!!!
I think it must be because she's so sweet - the hearts can't help but find her.
'Tis true!

Cheryl was absent from Blogland for a long time - but SHE'S BACK!

So go on over to "March to March" ... and welcome her home!

Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing your heart!

I've long admired "Johnny Nutcase" over at "Count Your Chicken! We're Taking Over!".
And not just because of the incredibly awesome name of her blog.

Oh no, that's just the beginning.
You see, "Johnny Nutcase" is in reality Jill of "Jill Wussow Photography".
Jill is a self-described "nomadic field biologist", whose photographs will take your breath away ... and whose job description will make you turn green with envy.

And she's cute and funny too!!!

P.S. - Do you see the heart in this baby bird shot? It's in the feathers right between the eyes of this adorable little guy!

Thank you, Jill, for sharing your heart!

This is another test. Do you see the heart in this shot?

Hint: If you follow the fence, just left of the 4th pole from the right ... there's a cute little seaweed heart!

But I bet you'd rather find out about "Finn McCool", right?

To do that, you need to head over to "Finn McCool's Country".
(That being Northern Ireland)

Finn will be offline for a while, but his blog is worth the visit!!

Thank you, Finn McCool, for sharing your heart!

As always - a huge thank you to all who linked up with Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing the delightful and amazing hearts you found in your world!!!
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Tina´s PicStory said...

the little birds are my favs :) have a great week clytie ♥

Terra said...

Cheryl's heart is quite pretty.

Laura said...

such lovely offerings!!!

Beth Niquette said...

I adore Cheryl's amazing heart--what a beauty--I also love the birdies, and YES! I found the heart in that last one. lol

Beautiful selection of hearts this week, Sissy! ((hugs)) Have a beautiful day. It is so great to see the sun. Yehaw!

~Cheryl said...

Thank you, everyone, for the affirmation. It's fun being back!

Leovi said...

Yes, certainly those hearts are very tender. Beautiful photos.

Debbie said...

so beautiful clytie!!

mine is not as creative but i love joining in!!

Dani said...

hi, dear Clytie. i miss you too. i miss all these amazing hearts. im currently in Indonesia ttavelling, went to Bali and saw great ocean hearts. i still cant post on blogger from China. i will send you some beatiful hearts via email when im back.
I may not post random hearts here, but they are with me everyday.

Rachel Whetzel said...

Too cool! Thank you so much for sharing Macs' story!! I can't wait to show him when he gets back from school today. He will be really excited. :)