Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kildeer Nest

Kildeer lay their eggs in scooped out gravel nests in the middle of fields and parking lots. If you get too close they protect their eggs and their young by pretending to have a broken wing and leading you in the opposite direction. When I realized the kildeer were in nesting season, I stayed away from the parking lot across the street. Now that they have led their cute little babies into the grassy areas to hide, I decided to find a nest. And look -- the one I found was shaped like a heart!


Grannie Annie said...

Aren't Kildeer hilarious, I love them. We had a nest in the backyard last year and everytime I went outside I had this hysterical bird screeching and flopping it's self all over the place. Her eggs didn't make it though, there are just too many preditors around here. I'm truly surpised any of them survive with a nest on the ground.
What a wonderful gift for you. It's another great nature thing isn't it, just makes me feel good inside. Thank you for sharing. Blessings ~ Deann

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Sissy! What a glorious find. I've had an adventure or two with the broken-winged kildeer, too. I just didn't know what kind of bird it was!! I'm with you, Deann, how on earth do they survive with nests on the ground?

What a delightful nesty heart. I love it!