Saturday, April 4, 2009

We Carved Our Names ...

Remember the tree
Where we carved our names
Hearts intertwined
To love each other

Well, the tree died.

I'm so sorry ... but whenever I see initials carved into a tree with a heart, I think of this horrible poem from my youth. Why is it I can remember this, but half the time I can't remember my own name until I check my driver's license???


Beth Niquette said...

Hi, Sissy! Wow! Horrible or not, the picture is intriguing, and the poem has a certain wonderful genius about it. (grin)

Forsooth, yon friendship award upon my blog is thine--thou doest have thine sisterly hottnhowl, (huh?) to affix said award upon your bloggish page.

Beth Niquette said...

Hey, Sissy, are you having troubles uploading pictures into the layout? The page seems to be dead, can't even edit it. Wierd.

I LOVE you! I hope you enjoy the little friendship award I made! ((hugs)) Missed you today!