Friday, June 19, 2009

Ah Nuts!

I don't like peanuts.
I have never liked peanuts.
I never will like peanuts.
I don't like peanut butter ...
Except when mixed with honey.

Around here peanuts get stale.
Then I don't feel so bad ...
When I feed them to the critters
First, though, I crush them.
And sometimes ... a heart happens.

I like hearts.
I have always liked hearts.
I still don't like peanuts.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, it's GENETIC?! Wonderful, delightful poem, Sissy--and the picture is just darling.

Not only fills my eyes, but made me laugh this morning!

Grannie Annie said...

Ooops that's where the genetic link ends...
I love peanuts
I have always loved peanuts
I will always love peanuts
I love peanut butter..
Especially mixed with honey.

I like hearts
I have always liked hearts
But peanuts need love too...
see that one gave it's heart to you.

How that for a guilt trip LOL!!!

Nina P. said...

I would never have guessed that's a peanut. I love peanuts but would never have thought one could give a heart such as you've captured here. It kind of sticks to the roof of your heart. Keep the hearts and words coming. I love them!! :-) Grins and Giggles.Love and Light, Nina P.