Sunday, June 7, 2009

A moment on the Lips ...

The parking lot was full.
They were smashing a car on the other side.
For charity, of course, $1 a swing with a sledge hammer.
The newspaper people were photographing every angle, every hit.

Something far more interesting was in front of me.
People stopped to stare.
At the crazy woman with the camera.
Taking pictures of the ground.

At least I wasn't bashing a car!!!


Grannie Annie said...

Everyone to their own form of insanity I always say. Better a crazy woman with a camera collecting hearts, then a fool with a sledge hammer scattering parts. Blessings to you my crazy friend.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lunch.


Beth Niquette said...

OH, are so delightful! I LOVE your words, the heart is fabulous!!!

((hugs)) thanks for the smiles this morning. I needed that.