Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burned Paper Heart

The teenaged vandals at the abandoned mega-church have found something new ... they light fires. They have started so many that the Fire Department has stopped showing up! They refuse to go in the building because it's not safe.

The church left a lot of paperwork, fodder for the illicit flames.

In the loading dock, where most of the fires are concentrated, I found several piles of partially burned paper.

On one of them was a burned heart!


Beth Niquette said...

Ha! Why am I not surprised. Only you would find a heart in such a tragic circumstance!

I hope and pray no one gets hurt while vandalizing that amazing complex of buildings. It is an accident waiting to happen.

Dani said...

Such a cute heart.
Please be careful when going in this place

I hope everyone's safe too.

Hugs :)

Laura said...

amazing that you could find a heart even here...on second thought maybe not so amazing...maybe this is a perfect place to find a burned heart after all.

Sunny said...

This really is a poignant picture. How sad that people find enjoyment in destruction.
☼ Sunny

Anonymous said...

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Please have a wonderful Thursday.

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Halcyon said...

Oh goodness! I am happy you found this heart. But it's sad that there's so much destruction going on at this closed-down church.