Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hearts, Stolen From A Tree

There is a story behind these hearts ...
A sad story of the destruction of a small strip of forest left alone for 100 years ... until this week. You can read about it in my "Random Nature" post "The Brown Side of Green".

My heart was as broken as these hearts stolen from a once-beautiful tree, and I knew I had to do something ... you can read about what I did in my "Random Nature" post titled "When it Pays to Do Your Homework".

I will miss the shrubs, trees, flowers and plants that were already taken.
But I am proud to have played a roll in saving the rest!

Because, although beautiful, THESE are the kinds of hearts I NEVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN!


Tina said...

:) nice heart!

Anonymous said...

A heart within a heart!

Halcyon said...

How sad. I'm glad you saved this one little memory though!