Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chocolate Sweethearts ...

There is, of course, a story behind this little box of chocolate heart candies ...
I'm not sure where or when it started, but it ended yesterday when I brought my neighbor to the auto parts store - just after he dropped the broken drill bit between the seats and I had to dig for it.

I have had this car for 5 years (give or take), having bought it used for really cheap from a Tweaker (don't ask). Due to it's varied history, my car came complete with the stereo torn out, and drug stash stickers in miscellaneous places on the interior (no drugs thank God!).

The car had been in an accident at one point, and the rear drivers side door is damaged.
The taillight is taped up with red tape (with it's own inherent issues, documented HERE).

There is red fingernail polish adorning one of the tire rim bolts ... Not sure why, I just call it "Tweaker Girlfriend Moment".

Oh, and there is a real bullet hole in the passenger rear door. Seriously!

But I'm getting away from the real story!
I was digging between the seats for the recalcitrant part, when my fingers dislodged a little box that had been lodged in tightly between the seats and center console.

And I pulled out a box of chocolate heart candies! The candies were so old the cute sayings were now just red smears on brownish blobs ... not very appetizing.

I wonder how long those chocolate hearts had been living in my car? I don't recall ever having bought such a thing, so I'm assuming they are over 5 years old. I looked up the UPC code number and it "expired" in 2006.

It just goes to show ... hearts of any age and condition are fair game for me!!!

And I really MUST clean out my car more carefully ...

OH! I almost forgot - it's the first Sunday in NOVEMBER, which means Al has opened up this months SUNDAY SCANS!!!

If you have scanned something ... ANYTHING ... come on over and link up!!
We want to see what you've got!
(I think I must be in a mood today, 'cause that just somehow didn't sound right)!


Al said...

That car has quite the history behind it. And this makes such a great Sunday Scans post, thanks for sharing! (My car is about to go over 190,000 miles, so it's got some history too, but compared to yours it's boring.

Sandra said...

the story is unbelievable because it happened to you, our Heart Queen. wow, did i say unbelievable? i did smile reading about your car description. I have not heard about the scan thing.

Debbie said...

wow....that car has some history, you should write a book.

can you imagine living that car's life?? exciting and scarey, but what a ride!!

Scrappy Grams said...

I have never seen chocolate Sweethearts! love the story

Pam said...

Maybe someone had a chocolate addiction and this was their stash.
The chocolate sweethearts were there by your side all this time, Clytie.. how awesome!
You car has quite a tale to tell.


Beth Niquette said...

My word! I wonder what the story is behind this?! lol

Tammie Lee said...

wow Clytie, that is quite the car story, hearts and all. But of course you found hearts in the seat. ha. be careful digging your fingers into unseen places in that car which has quite a history!

Ann said...

old cars evoke a opassion. When I was young, all of us helped ad polish and wash the car. Now I don't care, and that upsets my husband.