Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cabbage Leaf Heart

Sissie was visiting for the day! We decided to make a stirfry for dinner. As I was getting ready to remove the outside leaves from this head of cabbage, guess what I found! Hearts! We were so excited!


Beth Niquette said...

Hahahaa...I could NOT believe my eyes! It was such a funny thing to happen. (grin)

((hugs)) Hearts to you, my darling Sissy!

Sunny said...

All I ever found in my cabbage was a bug!
Sunny :)

Lois said...

They're everywhere!

Nina P. said...

Watch out; a hearts going to get you every time!! And i love it!!

Dear Clytie, I have a huge favor. In memory of my nephew (who would have been 29 on 8/10) I'm going to put his "wish plant" poem that he wrote on my blog. I don't have any photo's of a wish plant(dandelion) and your's is so very nice (may 26th post). May I use it with your permission? Of course I will point the credit to yourself and your blog....

I'm "wishing" your answer and blowing the seeds to heaven.
Thank you dear soul.
Love and Light, Nina P.
there is an e-mail link on my site (about me)

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