Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainbow Cloud

She called me this morning, my sister Beth. She couldn't believe the clouds ... if you know her, you know she was seeing (and photographing) angels. She gasped - "Oh my! There's a rainbow in one of those clouds!" She doesn't see me stick my tongue out at the phone. The NOT cordless phone. All I can see are leaves through a dirty window! Of course there would be a rainbow at her house! She always gets the best clouds!!!

Huh! Rainbow in the clouds, indeed! We talk for a while then hang up. Now I can go out and look. I gasp - There's a rainbow in one of those clouds! (If you enlarge the picture, you will see it better) And the cloud is a heart!

I take back that sticking out tongue thing, sissie. Oh and sissie, there is a dove in the heart too!


Lois said...

What a perfect picture!

Sunny said...

A really great picture!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my goodness!!!! And there's an angel, too--could you send it to me on email? OOooooh! I'm just itching to paint! This looks like the very same cloud I was watching--I wonder if she up and flew your way in a hurry. If it's an angel, I would think that would be possible. I'll email my angel to you tonight! Wow!

~Cheryl said...

What a fabulous shot!

Tammie Lee said...

so lovely how you and Beth are so close and both saw rainbows in the clouds!

Grannie Annie said...

Well Sissy pie, a heart, a dove and a rainbow right over your head what more do you need to convince you that someone up there loves you!!! Oh and a lot of people down here think you're pretty swell too.
A very special picture, good job.

Nina P. said...

A rainbow heart on the wings of a dove... Soft and beautiful, a sign of Hope and Promises. You are truly Blessed. Love and Light, Nina P.

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