Friday, July 31, 2009

Orange Berries

This ornamental tree across the street is weighed down with striking orange berries this time of year.

A bunch of hearts that greet me each time I drive out of my driveway!


Nina P. said...

You did it again, you found a heart where others see none.... You bring such HEART and JOY to all of us. Thank you!!

Dear Clytie, I have a huge favor. In memory of my nephew (who would have been 29 on 8/10) I'm going to put his "wish plant" poem that he wrote on my blog. I don't have any photo's of a wish plant(dandelion) and your's is so very nice (may 26th post). May I use it with your permission? Of course I will point the credit to yourself and your blog....

I'm "wishing" your answer and blowing the seeds to heaven.
Thank you dear soul.
Love and Light, Nina P.
there is an e-mail link on my site (about me)

Clytie said...

Nina, it would be an honor to have my "wishing plant" included in memory of your nephew. Please use it, and blow those seeds to heaven.

Nina P. said...

Thank you dear soul.... I shall. Love and Light, Nina P.

Tammie Lee said...

Every time I see a heart in nature, I think of you. Love this bunch of heart!

Lois said...

Oh what a gorgeous color!

~Cheryl said...

Beautiful in every way! I can't help but wonder what imprints they will make when they descend to the ground.

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Sissy! This photo does my heart good. It fills my eyes with warmth. Something about the color red, sunshine and berries just does wonders for my heart.

((hugs)) You have a wonderful Day, Sweet Sis!

Mekeel McBride said...

Oooooh, I can see that one big bunch of berries making a gorgeous heart! Now I look for hearts everywhere, too, and even if I don't find them, and mostly I don't, it still makes me happy because I know you're finding them!

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