Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flattened Copper Wire

I found this piece of copper wire all wound up and flattened.
I mean, I found this copper wire HEART all wound up and flattened.


~Cheryl said...

What a cool find!

Nina P. said...

What a wonderful meaningful photo:
"Though life may try to trodden ,flatten and change us, our Heart and Soul remains!" my own quote inspired by you Clytie.

Your Hearts are a reminder that no matter what life brings us, there is a Pure heart watching over us, if we but only look. Thank you for your photo's that are constant reminders of all the Good Hearts in/of life. Love and Light, Nina P

Lois said...


Beth Niquette said...

Incredible photo, Sissy, it fills my eyes with it's unique beauty....I like that--though life may try to trodden, flatten and change us, our heart and soul remain!


Grannie Annie said...

Actually Sis this wire looks like I feel. After being momma to my four Granddaughters the last few days while my kids look for a house. I feel bent and flattened with love on top.
Hope you are hanging in there with all your hot weather.

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