Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Tiffi Heart

We found this beautiful heart high up in a cedar tree.

Yesterday I got to spend some time at the park with my beautiful niece Tiffani. We played on the playground, then explored the woods. We ate blackberries, admired beautiful flowers, enjoyed nature -- even when we had to brush off the spiders/webs that we ran into.

Thank you for a wonderful time, Tiffani. I 'heart' you!!!


Beth Niquette said...

How wonderful! She looks so great--and to explore a park together--what wonderousness!

Mom saw a face, and I did too--only we saw different faces. The one inside the heart looks a little like Jesus--Jesus in a Tiffi heart! (Grin)

Lois said...

I think I see a face too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Sunny said...

The more I look at the heart, the more I see including a cross.
Have a lovely day.
Sunny :)