Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bleeding Hearts

I suppose you can guess that these are some of my favorite flowers ...
I wonder why ...


Beth Niquette said...

I know why!!!! I KNOW!!! lol

This photo is so pretty. Our wild ones are out too--just took some pics yesterday! These truly fill my eyes, Sissydear!

Patty said...

These are also a favorite of mine. My Grandmother always had them along her house.

slommler said...

Beautiful photo! And I too love Bleeding Hearts!

~Cheryl said...

We used to have these when we lived in Oregon! I had forgotten about them (for shame!). They are truly beautiful!

Lois said...

I wonder too!

JANN said...

I love the bleeding hearts flowers/plant. I tried to grow them here but alas they just didn't survive the old Texas weather :(
In the past I have planted several types of flowers I adore but realized later after their little deaths that they weren't meant for this
climate here . SIGH!!
But at least God has created some lovely flowers/plants that suit the climate. I have a tub gardenia bushes that made it safely through the winter and I can't wait for their sweet smelling arrival :)
Clytie, it has to be lovely where YOU live to grow these gorgeous bleeding hearts, when I see any in the future, I will think of YOU!!
Thank you for your concern and prayers for me, love you!
me + you = beach buddies 4ever !
hope your twin girls are doing fabulous as well.