Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Heart Thursday #3

Love lives in ones heart
in the form of wings
made of light
take flight

This beautiful heart was found by the wonderful and talented Tammie Lee at Spirithelpers.

My friend, you always give wings to my day,
Light to my world.

Then there is my dear friend and sister Beth's Elk Dung Heart she found during a challenge a we gave each other last year. Isn't this one of the most unique hearts ever?

Beth is an amazing artist, and if you aren't familiar with her work, you are missing out!

Abe Lincoln is a wonderful man, married to the equally wonderful Patty.
Abe takes the most amazing pictures of birds for his Birds Blog, and right away I noticed the Starling he posted had the most amazing little hearts all over it's back.

Thank you Tammie Lee, Beth and Abe, for being part of Guest Heart Thursday.
It really is MY HONOR.

Have you found a random heart?
Please leave a comment here, with a link to the heart ... and your permission for me to copy the heart and post it here on Guest Heart Thursday!


Lois said...

That starling's wings also form one big heart on it's back!

Cheryl said...

Fantastic photos! I always collected rocks in heart-shapes but after finding your blog I have opened my eyes to all Nature's hearts.

Beth Niquette said...

Ooooh, wow! I'm SO privileged to be a part of Guest Heart Thursday!!! (grin) I LOVED all of them--especially Abe's pic of starlings with hearts--who would have thunk it? I looked at that photo, and loved it, but did not see the hearts--yet you did.

'Tis true you know--you see hearts...

Tammie Lee said...

Such a fun post, each and every heart shows that they can be found everywhere! The starling is wearing the most amazing heart.
Thank you for sharing my heart. It was a large piece of driftwood on a beach in NZ, with the reflection in the water it became a heart. Be well dear lady.

slommler said...

Beautiful hearts!!! Love the bird!

Laura Hegfield said...

such curious places to find hearts...ethereal and as earthly as possible...very cool photos all!

Phuong said...

Hello~Nice to meet you~..................................................