Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Bracken Heart

The bracken ferns are starting to unfurl,
Soon they will be huge.

This one caught my eye ...
You can see why!

In another week, this heart will be gone -
Part of an even bigger Spring miracle.

I like it both ways.


Grannie Annie said...

Oh Sissy Cea this is wonderful what an exceptional picture.
I am sooo proud of you winning your battle with sugar. I know how hard it is...I'm proud of myself too I haven't had anything sweet since December 31,2009 it's worth it though.
I've found something that I really like...2 things actually...the 1st is the sweetener Truvia and the second is Diamond unsweetened chocolate almond milk. It's good for you and only 45 calories a glass. I throw in a packet of Truvia and it tastes wonderful I use it in weak moments when everyone else is eating sweets. Congratulation on your will power babe! Love you Sister of my heart.

kavita said...

Spring,thanks for sprinkling this magic dust on your friends too...thanks for sharing Clytie.Hope you had a Happy Easter.

Matty said...

What a unique shape for that. Very different.

Halcyon said...

How beautiful! This one is a great spring find.

Beth Niquette said...

Wow--Oh, Sissy. This is beautiful! Every time I think you've posted a photo which is a favorite of mine, you put up another which touches my "heart."

This fills my eyes to the brim. It is so beautiful I feel teary.