Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #87

Welcome to Guest Heart Thursday -
A place to share YOUR heart!

"Yesterday's Trash" is where Michelle shares her "unique art made from found and everyday objects". But it's so much more than that. Michelle's art is definitely unique, and the work she does AMAZES and inspires me!

Michelle posted this heart along with a wonderful heart-warming story in keeping with "Random Acts of Kindness" - I urge you to read her post, and keep the circle going!

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your art ... and your heart!

Gail found this little stone on the beach on the Washington State Coast last summer. It was about the size of a quarter and caught her eye immediately. Gail had so much fun seeing all the hearts in her world that she created a special place to share them!

Please come visit Gail over at "My Hunt For A Heart!" You'll love the amazing hearts she has found!

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your hearts!

When Laura sent me a link to "Ecobirder's" blog, I was curious.
When I visited, I was enchanted - and not just by this beautiful dragonfly heart!!!

Ecobirder is a self-proclaimed "Nature's Paparazzi", whose goal is to "use photographs, facts, and stories to entertain, educate, and inspire people about the natural world around us."

Thank you, Ecobirder, for sharing your inspiration ... and your heart!
Thank you, Laura, for finding him, and sending me the link!

Dorincard makes beautiful postcards ...
and posts them on his blog, along with research about his subjects ...
I am always amazed by the wealth of information he comes up with - and I learn something I didn't know - every time I visit his blog!!!

But my favorite posts from Dorincard are his Guest Heart Thursday posts ...
because Dorin finds hearts that I probably would have missed ... like the PERFECT heart he found on this turkey ... do you see it? (Hint: It's red!)

Thank you, Dorin, for sharing your heart!

Sandra over at "MadSnapper" sent me a heart.
It is a very special heart ... taken by her niece Patti in PA ... and touched MY heart with it's wispy and ethereal beauty.

Thank you, Patti, for sharing your heart.
Thank you, Sandra, for sharing Patti's heart!

One world. One people. One heart.

As always - a huge thank you to all who linked up with Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing all of the delightful and amazing hearts you found in your world!

Would you like to share your heart on Guest Heart Thursday?
The rules are easy ...

There are none!!!
As long as your post includes a heart!

If you have found a heart (or drawn a heart, or designed a heart, or written a heart-felt poem, or ...), please join us for Guest Heart Thursday. Just link the URL of your heart post to Linky! It would be nice if you linked back to Random Hearts ... but it's okay not to ... we just want to see your hearts!
The link will be open from Thursday morning until Sunday night.

Have you found more than one heart?
Put in more than one link!,
Is your heart from a long time ago?
It doesn't matter, as long as you put the direct URL link to that post!


Sandra said...

it is difficult today to decide on a favorite, these are amazing, truly they are

Woody said...

The dragonflies are pretty amazing!

Tina´s PicStory said...

lovely stone hearts! today i have some hearts for you. the one you found but the others you didn´t see till now i think :) have a great weekend ♥

teri said...

As always there are some amazing hearts out there! Blessings to all! And thanks for sharing Clytie.

I finally have posted the hearts my sister and I collected for November- better late than never.

siga said...

The dragonflies are most beautiful heart i ever seen in the nature!

Dani said...

dear Clytie, amazing heart week again.
will join you later.



Emille said...

The dragonfly is so pretty! Anything that has a heart form in nature is stunning! Have a great week, Clytie:)

Dorincard said...

Thank you, Clytie!

I don't want to burst anybody's bubble, but the hearting of dragonflies is not romance, but rough mating, and females are hurt by the clasps of the males who "secure" them, flying in tandem. All females have head injuries because of those puncture tactics. All males do that, to avoid having their DNA deposits scooped out by competitors.

Leovi said...

Beautiful hearts, the turkey is just wonderful.

Inger-M said...

I just love the two rock hearts!

michelle renée bernard said...

Thanks for featuring my heart. And guess what? That cotton candy machine I mentioned on my blog... with it, you can make cotton candy with sugar free candy! Just sayin.

Diane AZ said...

It's always fun to see the beautiful and creative hearts that people find. This is one of my favorite blogs!

Beth Niquette said...

I LOVE this week's heart--especially that amazing dragonfly heart. Wow!

Thanks for hosting this most excellent Meme, Sissy! ((hugs))