Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #88

Welcome to Guest Heart Thursday -
A place to share YOUR heart!

When I got a link to Kerri's blog in an e-mail from Laura, I couldn't wait to visit.
What I found was Kerri's blog "A Little Piece of Me".
And this gorgeous tree bark heart that stole MY heart!
As I looked back through Kerri's blog, I came to the decision that maybe she should rename her blog to - "A Little Piece of HEAVEN"!

Thank you, Kerri, for sharing your heart!
Thank you, Laura, for sending the link!

I love to tell everyone how special Bhavesh is ...
After all, he is the reason Guest Heart Thursday exists!
The very first guest heart ever posted here came from Bhavesh's "BLOG".
And Guest Heart Thursday was born!
Bhavesh is from India, where he takes some of the most amazing photos.
Like the cute little dog in this shot - do you see the heart around it's eye?

Thank you, Bhavesh (and Megha!) for sharing your hearts!

I have come to love the desert because of Diane, and her blog "Desert Colors". I never knew that what I always considered "arid" countryside could be so full of life and beauty!

Diane has captured so much of the life of the desert - including the hearts she has found along the way!

Thank you so much, Diane, for sharing the desert - and for sharing your heart!

Judy is an amazing artist - her photos prove that.
I have enjoyed following her blog, "Lilac Gate" for a long time now, and am always delighted by the beauty she finds in her world!

Like this wonderful heart-shaped milkweed pod!

Thank you, Judy, for sharing your heart!

I absolutely LOVE Helen's "Frumpy Heart" that she posted on her blog "Natures Walk Studio" - it makes me smile!

What made this post so special was the Haiku Helen posted for Frumpy:

Sidewalk mystery.
I wonder who 'hearts" Frumpy
writing it in stone.

Not to be outdone, one of the comments on Frumpy came from Madeleine Begun Kane who wrote ... "Fun haiku. I've written this in response:

Frumpy's adorer
clearly wanted to cement
their relationship."

Thank you, Helen, for sharing Frumpy's heart!

One world. One people. One heart.

As always - a huge thank you to all who linked up with Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing all of the delightful and amazing hearts you found in your world!

Would you like to share your heart on Guest Heart Thursday?
The rules are easy ...

There are none!!!
As long as your post includes a heart!

If you have found a heart (or drawn a heart, or designed a heart, or written a heart-felt poem, or ...), please join us for Guest Heart Thursday. Just link the URL of your heart post to Linky! It would be nice if you linked back to Random Hearts ... but it's okay not to ... we just want to see your hearts!
The link will be open from Thursday morning until Sunday night.

Have you found more than one heart?
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Is your heart from a long time ago?
It doesn't matter, as long as you put the direct URL link to that post!


Inger-M said...

Such wonderful hearts your have found, again! I love the tree bark hearts!

forgetmenot said...

Love all the heart--amazing "finds". Mickie :)

Dorincard said...

Intentionally cutting hearts on trees is not too ecological...I like the dog and the clouds! :)

Leovi said...

Precious hearts, my favorite is the zoom effect Judy.

Diane AZ said...

Hi Clytie, Thanks for featuring my cloud hearts. It's always fun to see what your readers find for Guest Heart Thursday. Lots of sweet and happy hearts this week!:)

LauraX said...

always good to share the love! Clytie, I hope you will consider sending me an email about what you are grateful for to add to this year's gratitude word quilt. It will be posted on my blog on Dec 31st. I am collecting expressions of gratitude from around the world. Enjoy the weekend's skies, blue, grey, or filled with a pallet of many colors!
Gentle steps,

Dani said...

Dear Clytie, i really love these hearts.
Hope you have a warm weekend~


Helen Campbell said...

Wonderful hearts as always, Clytie! Thanks so much for featuring my Frumpy hearts! Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth Niquette said...

These hearts are fabulous, Sissy! Say, could you fix the title I put in? It's supposed to read, er, Pie Crust HeaRt, not Pie Crust Heat...

(grin) Typos! Love you, SissyBoo.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Thank you so much for your appreciating words and the credit.

How I missed the heart around the puppy's eye is as exclamatory as how you spotted it :)

Keep up the wonderful work.

teri said...

I think all these hearts are wonderful! I think it is interesting that you found a heart that Bhavesh did not even see. Just all so wonderful!