Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Agate Heart

I am in the process of cleaning out and moving my rock garden.
The old site was under a beautiful tree -
A beautiful but oh so messy tree!
My rocks were being buried despite being cleaned out twice a year!

So I am moving the garden.
I will leave the tree to be beautiful -
And maybe now I will enjoy it's bounteous leaves and berries!

But it is a lot of work.
I have to pick up each rock, put it into a bucket, and lug the full bucket across the property to the new garden site.

A lot of work, but worth it - especially when I keep finding hearts I never knew I had!
Like this agate.


Naturedigital said...

A great heart...

Lois said...

A wonderful find!

jeannette said...

Hope that you save the agates!

Dani said...

Cool heart there. And that;s true. You never know what you have in a garden.

I.m back for GH Thursday!


Pat said...

I have started a collection of rock hearts from my travels. So far I have three and I've just started looking for them!