Friday, July 23, 2010

Butter Heart on Pancakes

Mom was just about to pour syrup (sugar free, of course!) onto her pancakes when I spied this buttery heart.

Poor mom. She had to wait until I found my camera - and got the shot - before she could eat!

A special THANK YOU to all who have linked up to Guest Heart Thursday. It has been my honor and privilege to see the hearts YOU have found in your world! I hope you all had the opportunity to visit those who linked their hearts this week - they are spectacular!!!

I wish for you a wonderful, heart-filled weekend.

P.S. The link is open until Sunday night!!! wink wink!


Flo de Sendai said...

Haha ! Nice idea, of this blog, BRAVO !
Well, I feel hungry, now.....(12:40 here)

Dani said...

Mmmm... Can I take a bite out of that heart?..Yummy..

A Dancing Mango said...

Hi Clytie,
Love the pancake heart. I haven't had breakfast yet and it is 11:30 am. here!
I want butter! lol
thank you for being my dear friend.
hugs, Darlene

Sunny said...

I had pancakes for breakfast but they were heartless :(
☼ Sunny

Beth Niquette said...

MmmMmmm! I want a bite! lol That is so funny!