Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guest Heart Thursday #13

Sunny at Barnyards and Barnacles takes the most adorable pictures of farm animals you can imagine. So it doesn't surprise me that this adorable sheep was showing off it's new haircut ... complete with HEART!

And who doesn't adore Miss Cindy Lou Who - all curled up in a heart at Squirrel Queen's awesome blog - Through Squirrel Eyes.

Limar, whose fun and interesting blog is called Greetings From My Replicator, found this beautiful and quiet garden spot, with a heart that perfectly matches the beautiful yellow roses!

It would be a wonderful and peaceful place to sit and read a book, I think.

Jennifer loves goats. Her blog, Goats in the Garden is delightful!
She sent me a picture of this adorable goat ... SPF Chance’s Hopeful Heart. (“Heart” for short).
Isn't he appropriately named???

Dani at Snow Flowers found this beautiful heart in the handle of her cup.
I really like the way she caught the reflection that makes up the smaller half of the heart.
Dani continually amazes me with her eye for beauty, and her fun blog.

Thank you all!

If you have found a heart, please join us for Guest Heart Thursday. Just link the URL of your heart to McLinky!
Have you found more than one heart?
Put in more than one link!
Is your heart from a long time ago?
It doesn't matter, as long as you put the direct URL link to that post!
I can't wait to see your amazing hearts!


Beth Niquette said...

I love each and every one of these wonderful hearts! I think my favorites are the cat and that goat. Lovely post, Sissy! I enjoyed them all so much this morning. I'm feeling a little better.

Lois said...

They are all just fantastic! I need to go heart hunting.

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I love seeing all the different hearts, the kitty and the goat are sooo cute!
I have to go on a heart hunt!
☼ Sunny

Dani said...

Oh, Clytie thank you so much for the lovely words and great post.

I just love these animal's hearts. Marvelous!

Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Dani

Halcyon said...

What wonderful hearts. These are some of the best yet. :D

SquirrelQueen said...

This is such a great group of hearts. The sheep and goat with hearts are so cute. Thank you so much for the mention, I really appreciate it.

Terra said...

More fun hearts. The sheep is cute, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Omgsh.. that sheep is one in a kind. She is awesome.. that heart is way too much.. I can't believe it. How awesome is nature!
The others are adorable as well.
Hugs, Darlene ox

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for the mention. I wrote some more about Heart the goat on my blog today. That cat is just beautiful! I love your blog, you have got me looking for hearts now! :)

Anonymous said...

Each time you visit my blog you say such amazing things, I am left breathless..
thank you, hugs, Darlene

sheri said...

clytie, i just love to come by and see what you've been up to! the random hearts are such a delight. although i'm not an animal lover i can certainly appreciated them and the hearts that they gave us to enjoy!