Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guest Heart Thursday #18

Susannah, over at Wanderin' Weeta, took this picture of some ducks playing in the water.

She didn't even realize she had captured a heart!!!

Susannah, you have taught me so much - how to see the tiny joys in life. I will always be grateful to you.

Thank you for sharing your heart.

Beth's blog, The Abandoned, features the once-abandoned mega-church that lurks across the street from my house. Set on 42 acres of formerly beautiful and landscaped property, The Abandoned has become a place of unexpected moments of beauty amidst unbelievable neglect and ugliness.

The property was purchased last month, and is Abandoned no longer. It will take a lot of hard work on the part of the new owners to make this place welcome again, but we are willing to wait!

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your heart!

I remember when Cheryl over at Nostalgia: Today and Yesterday first posted this wonderful heart - it was a long time ago. I was entranced by the shape of the leaf - frozen by winter - into a beautiful heart.

Thank you for sharing your heart, Cheryl. You are so special and I appreciate you!

Melinda Lincoln doesn't have a blog, but that's okay! She sent this amazing squash leaf heart to my sister via Facebook!!!

Thank you, Melinda, for sharing your heart.
I hope you have a blessed week.

At first I didn't see the heart here. Do you?
Take a second look. At the leaves in the lower left hand corner.

Judy over at Lilac Gate takes the most amazing macros of plants.
I often gasp in wonder and astonishment at her photos.
Nobody else can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary like Judy does.

Thank you, my friend, for sharing your heart!

A huge thank you to all who participated in Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing the wonderful hearts you found in your world!

If you have found a heart (or drawn a heart, or designed a heart, or ...), please join us for Guest Heart Thursday. Just link the URL of your heart to Linky!
The link will be open from Thursday morning until Sunday night.

Have you found more than one heart?
Put in more than one link!
Is your heart from a long time ago?
It doesn't matter, as long as you put the direct URL link to that post!
I can't wait to see your amazing hearts!


Dani said...

Great hearts as always. Can't say which one is more beautiful Each of them is lovely in its way.

Thank you, Clytie. And thanks everyone for sharing these hearts.


viridian said...

My first time linking in. I think you'll like it.

Beth Niquette said...

Wow--Wanderin' Weeta's heart just blows me away--I'm always so amazed at the hearts everyone finds! Lovely selection, and I'm honored you would feature one of my, my darling Sissy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Clytie,
What a wonderful idea you have come up with! Indeed, so many times one finds hidden images in plain sight. The idea of narrowing it down to one so significant and beautifully shaped is genius! The images themselves are beautiful!
How wonderful so many people are in tune to nature!!

Halcyon said...

I love your guest hearts feature. It's amazing where people can find hearts!

Has another church moved into the mega-church? I hope it will be back up soon. But I'm sure you'll miss finding hearts there.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Hey Clytie, it seems that you have the largest collection of hearts in the world now :)

I had actually posted the Tamhini ghat hearts especially for your this post, but unfortunately, I couldn't spare enough time to visit here and link it :( So the leafy hearts from Tamhini ghat remain reserved for your next one :)

☺lani☺ said...

I was trying to post a comment yesterday, I don't know what happen... anyways, yeah beautiful hearts you collected, I love them!

Sunny said...

Delightful, as always :)
☼ Sunny

Grannie Annie said...

Great hearts...they look like so much fun I may have to start looking for hearts instead of making them. Have a lucky Friday the 13th and another great weekend. Love you.

Garden Lily said...

Cheryl's photo reminded me of a photo I took some while ago of a heart-shaped epimedium leaf in frost. I looked back in my blog, and found it here. Enjoy!