Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #47

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When Texwisgirl sent me a link to Becky and Gary over at "Woodynook Creations", I could hardly believe my eyes ... Do you see what I see?
Lots and lots of hearts on this beautiful starling they posted for World Bird Wednesday last week!

Thank you Becky and Gary for sharing your hearts,
And thank YOU Texwisgirl for finding them!

Jill's photos always make me smile, especially this one.
A tiny critter had trudged through the sand, leaving it's heart behind!

Thank you, Jill, for sharing your heart ... and for having one of the most unique blog names around - "Count Your Chicken! We're Taking Over!"

Sunny over at "Barnyard and Barnacles" makes me smile with every post. She leads a busy life, and has been looking for hearts for a while.

I have a surprise for Sunny ... there are hearts in unexpected places ... if you look close enough!
Do you see the hearts in Sunny's picture?
Check the wing of the bee ...
And the petals of the flower ...
They may be faint, but they are there!!!

Thank you, Sunny, for brightening my days, and for sharing your heart!

Tammie Lee's photography is some of the best I've ever seen. Her blog "Spirithelpers" combines this photography with poetry that makes me smile ... and sometimes even brings me to tears. I appreciate her so much!

You don't have to look very hard to find the heart in this shot, but it may take you a while simply because you will probably become lost in the rugged beauty of this mountain!

Thank you, Tammie Lee, for sharing your heart!

Tammie Lee has another side ... we know she is a wonderful photographer, and a gifted writer ... well she is also an amazing ARTIST!!!

Check out Tammie Lee's art at her blog "Beauty Flows".
Because beauty DOES flow here, you will see!

Thank you, Tammie Lee, for sharing your heart!

As always - huge thank you to all who participated in Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing all of the delightful hearts you found in your world!

Would you like to share your heart on Guest Heart Thursday?
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There are none!!!
As long as your post includes a heart!

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Anonymous said...

You have a great following, this is another amazing collection. The bird is amazing!

texwisgirl said...

Oh hurray! I'm glad you got the starling link! I thought it was fantastic and too good not to share here! :)

Krista said...

Oh, I love your heart posts. I have been following for a while but this is my first submission. It's an obvious one. ;o)

Dani said...

wow, that hearty bird is .. awesome!!!

I love all the heart you shared today, Clytie.
Happy GHT!

Sunny said...

I was so surprised to see my bee! Now that you point it out...I do see hearts, thank you :) I think I have to stop looking for the obvious!
The other pictures you have posted are wonderful!
I even linked one to day...I'm on a roll, LOL!
☼ Sunny

☺lani☺ said...

Wow as always, lovely hearts all around! I love the hearts in that feather :)

Lois said...

They are all so wonderful Clytie, but the bird has stolen my heart!

Jennifer said...

texwisgirl sent me here, she found the hot chocolate heart my chicken left me in my pic.:)

Dorincard said...

You made Thursdays into happy days...:)

Leovi said...

I love this blog full of hearts. Greetings.

Grannie Annie said...

I amazing number of different hearts on here just blows me away...extraordinary!

Tammie said...

you have shared so many beautiful hearts!!
and some of mine, you are so dear, you make my eyes tender. thank you!

Tammie said...

and you know, i never saw the heart in the landscape. I love how you show me these things!

Tammie said...

and the hearts on the bird and in the sand are amazing!!

Nina P. said...

Oh what a day I have chosen to visit again! Such beauty you have in your heart and caring and sharing.... You breathe Life into the souls of many...
Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

TexWisGirl is the best! :-) Love that bee picture!