Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camelia Blossom Heart in Pond

Mom was working in her garden on a rainless day last week. She told me I needed to go look in the pond ... next to the old shoe planter ... there was a heart.

Does she have the "heart eye" or what???!!!

Update: The baby owl from the last post died. It was just too young and too injured to make it for a second cold night out of the nest. As I stood for a moment of silence, a sound came to my ears ... that same peeping sound the owlet made when I first found it. I listened intently, and realized I was hearing at least 2 more babies ... scrabbling around up in the nest in the rafters!

And I felt a little better.


texwisgirl said...

oh, i hope the other 2 fare better! :(

lovely petal heart!

Deb said...

nice sorry about the little one...hope the other two survive....

Beth Niquette said...

I love Mom's heart--and to find it on a rare rainless day (so much rain recently even we native Oregonians are sick of the wet stuff), Wow! This photo fills my eyes.

I'm so sorry to hear about the little owl. So sorry people must be so vicious and thoughtless of those with whom we share this earth.

I'm glad to hear there are others who have so far survived.


Oh I'm so happy there are other baby owelets in the nest, I agree with you Clytie- it is a comforting thought to know all of them didn't die. What a sweet precious heart you have :)
YOU always have the best random hearts featured. I saw a heart the other day on the cement sidewalk made outta tar and I thought of YOU - but alas I didn't have a camera :( would love to buy a new one one of these days. Have a good Thursday, Friday and forever.

LauraX said...

so pretty!!!
and my word validation is chest...made my heart beat a bit quicker in mine for the lovely random coincidence of this word and your lovely photo!!!