Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #52

Welcome to a Special Edition of
Guest Heart Thursday!
A place to share YOUR heart!

Why is it so special?
Because it's WEEK 52 -
One year since Guest Heart Thursday started!

I am featuring just a few of the many hearts found this past year ...

Dani over at "Snow Flowers" found this beautiful leaf heart, glistening with diamond raindrops.
Dani also has another blog, "A Lovely Home For Hearts", where she shares the amazing hearts that find their way to her!

Thank you, Dani, for sharing your hearts!

During this past year, hearts have been found all over the world ... from the US to South America, from Australia to India and China - and beyond!

Cheryl posted this beautiful bouquet of hearts on her blog "Nostalgia: Today and Yesterday".
Cheryl also has another blog called "March to March", which I am happy to say has reached it's second "March" and is still going strong!

Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing your hearts!

During the past year, there have been 243 featured hearts ...

Several years ago I found a memory card on the ground outside an old abandoned nursery ... now a fast food restaurant. I was never able to locate the owners.

But Anonymous had taken this picture of a driftwood heart!

Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing your heart. I'm sorry you had to lose it in order for me to find it.

So far, this has been the only Anonymous heart featured.

Jay Leigh loves nature, and that shows in her blog "Pacific Northwest Nature For Families".
Jay Leigh found this gorgeous bindweed leaf heart while on a nature walk with her kids.

Thank you, Jay Leigh, for sharing your hearts!

Guest Heart Thursday has been linked to more than 630 heart posts!

Tammie Lee found this driftwood heart ... so calm and serene. You can find more of Tammie Lee's stunning photography and poetry at "Spirithelpers".

Thank you, Tammie Lee, for sharing your heart!

I wish I could feature every single heart YOU have found ... but I don't have room!
Please know that I have visited and enjoyed each and every Guest Heart link, and am awed and amazed at the hearts YOU find each week!

One world. One people. One heart.


Would you like to share your heart on Guest Heart Thursday?
The rules are easy ...

There are none!!!
As long as your post includes a heart!

If you have found a heart (or drawn a heart, or designed a heart, or ...), please join us for Guest Heart Thursday. Just link the URL of your heart to Linky!
The link will be open from Thursday morning until Sunday night.

Have you found more than one heart?
Put in more than one link!
Is your heart from a long time ago?
It doesn't matter, as long as you put the direct URL link to that post!


Rachel said...

I know my art hearts aren't random - but I hope you enjoy them anyway. - Rachel

☺lani☺ said...

Lovely! Nice to be back in circulation after few weeks. DH left me some precious moments to share! Happy GHT!

Dani said...

wow!!! A YEAR!!! Congratulation, dear sis Clytie. And thank you for featuring my heart again. I'm grateful beyond words.

And this new GHT year starts with my new camera photos. Just have to wait few more days.

Hugs and hearts coming your way.

Trisha said...

What a great story about that memory card! It must have been ment to be found by you :)

Dorincard said...

We routinely see here unusual hearts. We live in a world full of hearts, but not full of heart - politicians and all.
The filthy rich, too, need more heart.

smykkeline said...

Happy on eyear anniverciry:)

SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary!
The heart from the lost memory card is amazing, what a great find.

JunkinJane said...

glad I found a heart to join in! Happy 1 year!!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, WOW! These are all so wonderful--I have to confess to a favorite--and that is Tammy Lee's incredible reflecting heart. Her photography always just blows me away.

Thank you for GHT, Sissy--I enjoy visiting everyone and posting too. I had trouble with the computer all day long yesterday, so I'm LATE! It's so cool you let people sign up all week long for Guest Heart Thursday! Yehaw!

Halcyon said...

Congrats on one year of heart hunting. Once again, you've found some beauties. :)

JayLeigh said...

Thank you, Clytie! Wow, it's been one year! Thank you for starting Guest Heart Thursday, and for sharing your kindness and love with others. I'm so glad I found out about GHT. I've enjoyed it so much! ♥

~Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! I was marveling at the rhubarb plant and how it looked like mine. Whoa! It is mine! :) Thank you for placing it on your special anniversary page. I am humbly honored. ♥