Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #55

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Everybody in my house knows that every Sunday morning at 9:30 ... the TV belongs to me and "Art Wolfe's Travels To The Edge".

I was watching an episode of Art filming bears in Alaska, when I noticed a heart in several of the scenes. I had to wait nearly a year for the episode to be re-broadcast, and took this picture of the TV screen (which explains the odd lines and blurriness!).

Sure enough, there is a heart right over Art's shoulder!

When you visit Art's blog, "Art Wolfe", you will see some of the most amazing photography in the world ... Art's show "Travels To The Edge" airs on most US Public Television stations, and is well worth the effort to find and watch!

Thank you, Art, for being my inspiration ... and for sharing your heart!

Teri is a professional photographer who lives in Blacksburg, VA, USA ... and photographs clients worldwide.

She describes herself as "Photographer, mother, wife, and friend.
Every photo session and family event is an opportunity to realize and record the richness of life."

Teri and her sister collect "Wild Hearts" - and have for years!
(don't you just LOVE that description - 'wild hearts'?)

To see Teri's beautiful photography, visit her blog, "Teri H Hoover Photography".

Thank you, Teri, for sharing your Wild Heart!

Thom, who is from Oahu, Hawaii, posted this beautiful waterfall for "Weekend Reflections" last week ... Thom's delightful blog is called "Thom's Place 4 Whatever" ... and I absolutely love visiting there!

Thank you, Thom, for sharing your heart!

Al over at "Al's Photography Blog" recently posted this beautiful waterfall. What he didn't realize is ... there are hearts here! Especially the two at the bottom of the waterfall ... How many do YOU see?

Thank you, Al, for sharing your hearts!
(And for hosting "Sunday Scans" - a meme which I love!)

Owen (AKA Mr. Toad) and his blog "Magic Lantern Show ... Or Mr. Toad's Travel Diary" hold a very special place in my heart.
Owen describes himself as follows: "Originally from a foreign country, now French and living in France for the past 18 years. Am still adapting to culture shock. Frequently go out scouring the countryside, camera in hand, looking for my dream house, for my dreamtime, for my dreams. . ."

One of Owen's passions is WWI cemeteries. He finds the most amazing and unique viewpoints, and shares what he can about any history he discovers.
Owen also loves old rusty cars, flowers, old buildings, and more. But everything he finds and shares ... becomes Magical and special.

Thank you, Owen, for being such an inspiration to me ... and for sharing your heart!

One world. One people. One heart.

As always - huge thank you to all who participated in Guest Heart Thursday last week. I loved seeing all of the delightful hearts you found in your world!

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☺lani☺ said...

Lovely specially the falls. Happy Guest Heart

Dani said...

Lovely hearty choices, Clytie.

Happy heart day!

texwisgirl said...

i, too, love the falls - hearts spilling over! and the one you captured on TV! fantastic!

LauraX said...

amazing hearts shared as always!!!

Halcyon said...

Such beautiful hearts! Amazing that you can even find them on a TV program. :)

Dorincard said...

Fabulous spirit of observation...Snow heart...I'll check out Art! :)

Anonymous said...

These are all beautiful my friend. And thank you so much for the shout out. I really do appreciate it :) Love love love that last photo. You can see them all :) Well done.

SquirrelQueen said...

All are beautiful hearts but I especially like the two waterfall hearts.

Trisha said...

That is a perfect heart & it showed up well for a TV photo! Love all the hears this week but the waterfall is my favorite too :)

Beth Niquette said...

My fav is the stone heart water feature. WOW! I also found six hearts in the waterfall. What a lovely set of hearts you have this time around!

Thanks for hosting Guest Heart THursday--it is such a fun thing to do on Thursday afternoons!

Al said...

Excellent - I hadn't noticed the hearts but they're definitely there! I have an upcoming post which definitely has a graffiti heart, and I'll certainly be linking it up here.

Leovi said...

Precious hearts that selection, I really like the first three. Greetings