Friday, April 1, 2011

Daffodil Heart

We had a few hours of sunshine today ... the first in a long time. I had been waiting for this moment - the daffodils had been up for weeks, and I hadn't been able to get a good picture!

I grabbed my camera and went outside, the sunlight felt so good.
As I searched to find the perfect daffodil, though, disappointment hit me hard.

This cold wet spring has brought forth critters.
Critters that LOVE daffodils ... for lunch!
Each and every beautiful flower was tattered and torn ... some buds never even made it into full flower. All ruined.

I felt horrible. No perfect pictures.
Then I saw this daffodil ... still holding it's head up despite the damage.
And in the center ... a heart.
Created by the very critters I was cursing.

I had to stop and re-evaluate.
The daffodils were still the same color, they still smelled oh so sweet ...
It was just their shape that was changed.
Not their true beauty.

Not their heart.


texwisgirl said...


Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

Bless you...your words touched my heart.
Have a lovely weekend :)
☼ Sunny

Naturedigital said...

Great heart photograph and text Clytie.
Have a nice weekend.

Trisha said...

Such a bright & happy heart :)

LauraX said...

'tis a beauty to behold clytie!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Sissy--your words are just as lovely as that Daffodil heart. I love the combination. ((hugs)) Your words touched my heart, too.

Tamera said...

Signs of spring, yay! Daffodils are always so uplifting! :o)